24 Kids had fun at Nature’s STEM

This summer, a second Nature’s STEM event was held at Motor Mill. This children’s day camp was even more successful than last year with 24 kids total! This event gives kids an opportunity to connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to both Motor Mill and the nature surrounding it. A bonus this year was a Nature’s Art activity.

Activities this year included painting wood cookies with natural paint brushes the kids made, learning about wildlife populations, making natural boats to test off the Motor Mill bridge, understanding how the mill was powered, and learning about different technologies used around one hundred years ago. The kids had a blast learning about STEM and were especially excited to explore the mill’s several stories.


Each year new activities are planned. Last year the kids had the opportunity to play in the river and make sand castles, learn about and find fossils, and use GPS’s to explore the Motor Mill site.  We plan for next summer’s activities to be just as amazing.