Motor Mill Art Show Coming this September!

Come to Motor Mill, a beautiful stone grist mill on the Turkey River in Clayton County, for the first Motor Mill Art Show on September 30 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Favorite images of Motor Mill, both new and old, professional and amateur will be showcased. If you have a favorite Mill image, please share it with us!. The art does not have to be your own work. Motor Mill inspired art can include the Mill itself as well as art focused on the beautiful natural setting of the Turkey River, bluffs, wildlife and plants of the area around the mill.

Artists are invited to display their works at the show as well as come to create art on site the day of the show. If you don’t want to bring your art work but would like it displayed, please contact Osborne Welcome Center at 563 245 1516 by September 22 to make arrangements to photograph it for display. Tours of the mill site, live music, plans for future site improvement, refreshments and a bakesale will also be part of this celebration of the Mill.

If an artist wants to bring several items for display or sale, 50% of them need to be directly themed to Motor Mill. Please bring a place to display your art outside. If it is a rainy day there will be space available on the 3rd floor of the Mill. The artist is responsible for bringing the display for their artwork. To display art, please contact Motor Mill via Osborne Welcome Center at 563 245 1516 or email the center.