Motor Mill Bridge construction is underway

10/31/12 Update:

  • The north, south and center pier caps have been poured.
  • The missing stones have been replaced in the center pier and north abutments. They have the old mortar removed from the center pier. They are tuck pointing the north abutment and then will tuck point the center pier and finish the south pier. That work will continue into next week and they should be done by the end of next week.
  • The steal for the bridge will arrive on Monday November 5th sometime.
  • The footings for the north abutment wing walls have been poured. They are forming up the wing walls on the south abutment and they will be poured on Thursday 11-1.
  • When they created the coffer dam it was discovered the bottom two layers of rock beneath the surface are in poor condition. The plan is to construct a concrete collar around it to secure it. That collar will be buried and not seen once the bridge is finished. They will start forming that up this week yet.
  • Finish date has been pushed back a week or two now.

10/12/2012 The Motor Mill Bridge construction project is underway! The coffer dam is in place around the center pier. On Friday, October 12th, they will be grubbing the trees around the abutments. Monday, the 15th will be the big start with the concrete work and getting set up for the tuck point work. The construction firm plans to assemble the bridge on the Turkey River island and swinging them into place from there.

Raffle tickets are on sale:Be the 1st to cross the New Motor Mill Bridge during its Official Opening.
The tickets are $50 each.

Photos by Larry Stone and other friends of Motor Mill

Week 7 – Nearing Completion

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Week 6 – Looks like a bridge!

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Week 5 – Steel has arrived
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Week 4
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 Week 3
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Week 2
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Week 1
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